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BJR Racing is a company that started in 1990. I started this company when I saw the need for a better machinist, with tighter tolerances for a better engine assembly. As we grew, the performance of our parts showed at the track with better performance by our customers.

In 1991, I designed and patented cylinder heads for Pro Stock Racing, some of these developments are now used in the vehicles that we drive today. Our R&D process continues each and everyday. Because of our extensive knowledge of cylinder heads and machining, we were asked to be apart of a national event Top Alcohol Funny Car Team. This lasted 5 years from 1990-1995, running in both the NHRA and IHRA. After this ended we went to the local and fast bracket classes, which is still where we're at today. We still help out friends that we met in the Top Alcohol classes with tuning and machine work.

Our business now is geared more towards the fast brackets and weekend warriors, and street rods.

We have 4 race cars that we do our R&D of parts. So we don't have to guess what works, we know what works. This makes us able to help our customers better.

We have CAD ( Computer Aided Design) development and this cuts down on the need for trial and error, and spending extra money that most customers don't have to spend. We also have in-house cam profiling from Crane and Comp Cams so we can design a cam for any engine to get the best performance for your needs. We also have cylinder head port size profiling, to get the most out of your cam and intake. This stops the mismatch of parts for any given engine.

We can do complete CAD engines before our customers spend any money so they get the results that they are looking for the first time. This makes happy and repeat customers.

So now that everyone is up to speed with who we are and what we do I want to THANK YOU for stopping by and checking out our site!